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!9methods to help a woman’s cerebrum

9 methods to help a woman’s cerebrum! 
1-The more you use your brain the more you resist aging: Scientists have found that the more you use your brain the more you reserve neurons, so you make your cognitive powers and memory stronger.
2-Talking fast helps your memory: Talking fast increases the rate of repetion in the words of your vocabulary become high which helps to improve your memory strength in a short time, but the best way to remember difficult things is to repeatedly write it, that can help to strengthen ones memory of it.
3-The memory is never too late to train: The developmental stage of the brain is under the age of 20, after the age of 30 it reaches to its peak and after that the aging process has 2% atrophy every 10 years, so there will be some decline in memory but before the age 60 we can’t usually feel it. Thus anyone at any age is advised to exercise to strengthen your memory.
4-Material distinguishing memory: Differences in pronunciation of big words rather than pronunciation of proximal words are very easy to remember. Therefore, when you make a shopping list, try not to confuse the goods that come in one group.
5-Try to eleminate TOT phenomenon: This means we have words in our mouth but can’t say them (TOT). This is considered a type of memory impairment. If words are used more frequently, then it is hard to forget them. Furthermore, when you say a word, try to use other related words to explain it. This kind of memorization is more firm.
6-Often play intellectual games: Do crosswords and play games are the best ways to improve brain efficiency. You can set yourself a goal, for instance, in 30 seconds say as many animal names as possible or say as many animal names as possible in one second.
7-Take efforts to reduce stress: Too much pressure can cause the brain to absorb reduced information in the hippocampus cortex and stress pressure can lead to hypertension, then leading to increased risk of cognitive impairment.
8-Excercise everyday for a quarter of an hour: Scientists have found that exercise everyday for 15 minutes may be a good way to improve ones sleep and so each day is fresher and your mind is more flexible.
9-Changing your environment often change keeps it fresh: When you walk, it is best to change your route. Because if you always go the same route, you see the same trees, flowers and grass. So, this can also generate boredom in your mind.


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